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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What time does school start and end?

A. The children line up on their appropriate place for example Y4 (except 4FP) -Y6 on the main school playground at 8:50am. If your child is in Y3 and Y4FP they will line up on the smaller playground near their classrooms. The children are collected by their class teacher and register is completed at 8:55-9:00am.


Q.  What do I do if my child is late to school?

A.  If your child is late for school, even by a few minutes, it is vital that you bring your child through the front door and sign them via the electronic signing in system  This is not just so that we can monitor punctuality, but is essential for fire safety and security. It will also ensure that they order their lunch which has to be done before 9:30am if a hot dinner is required. The school does monitor the children who are persistently late and letters will be sent out to discuss this matter further with the Learning Mentor (Mrs Roscamp).


Q. How do I report my child's absence from school?

A. Please telephone the school on 01909 550779 as soon as possible and on each day of your child’s absence from school; we have a dedicated answering service where you can leave a message.  It is very important that you let us know your child’s symptoms so that we can monitor any possible epidemics. If there is no explanation for your child's absence, a courtesy text message or phone call will be made.


Q. How much does school dinner money cost?

A. It's £2.00 per day or £10.00 per week.  All cheques should be made to be made payable to ‘Anston Park Junior School’ and please write your child’s name and class on the reverse. As the school has a choice menu, your child can select which days they have school meals on. All they need to do is bring the appropriate money for their lunch and pay it to their class teacher.


Q.  How can I buy school uniform?

A. Uniform is purchased through our online supplier Tesco ( . All children will receive a complimentary book bag on Y3. However, if you child loses it a replacement can be purchased from the school office. 


Q. Can I take my child out of school for a holiday during term time?

A. No.  No holiday will be authorised during term time except for exceptional circumstances. Any absences (other than through illness) will be recorded as unauthorised and you may incur a fixed penalty fine.


Q/. How do I apply for a place in your school for my child?

A/. For in year admissions you will need to contact the Admissions Team at RMBC


Q. How will I be informed if there is an enforced school closure?

A/. We use Teacher2Parents to contact all parents; please ensure you keep your account updated with current email addresses and contact numbers. You can also check our website for updates or can listen to Hallam FM/Rother FM for further updates. The school will do their best to stay open and will inform parents as soon as they can.


Q. What do I do if my child is prescribed medication?

A. Parents can arrange to come into school to administer medication to their own children if necessary. Only medicines prescribed by a doctor can be administered by the school.  Antibiotic doses that are administered 3 times a day should be given before and after school and at bedtime. If the medicine is required 4 times a day please ask in the office for staff to give any additional required dose and a medical form will need to completed. Medication prescribed by a doctor will need to be in its original box with the label clearly visible.  Children with asthma, keep their medication on them at all times to ensure that they are accessible to the children when needed.


Q. How long before my child can return to school after an illness?

A. In the case of vomiting your child should be well for 48 hours before they return to school.  If you are unsure please call us.


Q. What do I do if I need to see a teacher?

A. Teachers are normally available for brief enquiries before school on the playground when they collect their class . If you need a longer appointment, please contact your child's teacher or the office staff who will be happy to arrange this for you.