Y5 Staff:

Miss Clowes 5C

Miss Martin - 5M

Mrs Dunsdon - 5/6D

Mrs Corbiere (Maths)


Teaching Assistants:

Mrs Bloomfield & Mrs Morton

Our Class Novels

Over the year, the three classes will be teaching to and sharing a range of different class novels. 

Here is what we are currently reading:


5C: Phoenix by S.F. Said

5M: The Boy at the Back of the Class by Onjali Q.Rauf

5/6D: Mortal Engines by Phillip Reeve


Summer Term 1 - Foundation Subjects!


Science - Properties and Changes in Materials


To start off our half term we will be spending two weeks studying changes in materials in science.

We will be planning and conducting a range of investigations to explore insulation, dissolving, separating and filtering mixtures and reversible and irreversible changes.

We will learn about these properties and changes of materials and practise our working scientifically skills by predicting, concluding, exploring variables and drawing scientific diagrams.

Geography - Global Warming


We will spend the next 3 weeks exploring what Global Warming is and how it is impacting the world we live in. We will find out what causes global warming, the positive and negative impacts it can have upon the Earth and consider what needs to happen to help ease its effects.

Will you be able to convince the rest of school to think about global warming and its impacts?

What might need to happen globally to stop global warming becoming a problem?

What can we do as a school to try and help?

Year 5 Wider Curriculum 2020/2021

Below is Y5's long term plan for the foundation subjects. This shows the topics covered throughout the year.

Wider Curriculum

The medium term plan for the current half term for the wider curriculum gives an overview of learning outcomes covered across the curriculum. We aim to teach as much of this as possible; however, there may be some days/weeks where time will be restricted due to other events happening in school. The activities planned aim to engage children and allow them to experience a broad and balanced curriculum alongside teaching skills linked to the foundation subjects (see wider curriculum pages for more information).


As part of our wider curriculum topic, children can also choose to complete homework from our  homework menu (see below). This is optional, however, it will be enjoyable for the children and it will allow them to take their learning further and share it with you at home. Once any tasks have been completed please bring them into school and we will do our best to display as many of them as possible.

We would love to see how creative you can be and display your hard work for all to see.




Reading is an essential part of the curriculum and opens up many other curriculum areas for the children. We expect children to read at least three times a week; reading records are checked regularly, but should be brought into school everyday and should be dated and signed by an adult. Some children may choose to read independently, which is completely fine, but it is also helpful for adults to check children understand the vocabulary within the text and understand the content of what they are reading.


Look out for the weekly spellings that will be set on Spelling Shed on a Friday – children will practise throughout the week at school. Children have access to Spelling Shed which allows them to practise their assigned weekly spellings and also the KS2 Compulsory spelling lists.


Children need to spend time at home to practise times tables – in Y5 children need to have rapid recall of all times table facts up to 12x12 as well as associated division facts (e.g. 5x6=30 so 30÷6=5) – children can prepare for the times table challenge and achieve their best times. Don't forget to visit the Times Tables Rock Stars website to help them practise their tables and earn coins to promote their band! It is their challenge this year to top the leaderboard and help their band to win the Battle of the Bands.




All of the Year 5 classes have PE sessions each week, one of which is likely to be with our sports coach; Mr Smith. The days which these lessons take place can change depending on the weather so please ensure your child has their full PE kit in school all week. Please note that even during the winter we may deliver some PE sessions outside so it is important that children have all the kit listed below in school every day.


Y5 PE days are currently:

5/6D - Tuesday & Wednesday

5C - Wednesday & Alternate Tuesdays and Fridays

5M - Wednesday & Alternate Tuesdays and Fridays


Indoor Kit =  plain white t-shirt, black shorts and suitable shoes (pumps or trainers). No football shirts or strips please.

Outdoor Kit = plain tracksuit bottoms and warm jacket and shoes suitable for all weathers (trainers)

Please be reminded that no jewellery should be worn and earrings MUST be removed by the child for any PE session. Long hair needs to be tied back.





This is a fun and competitive way for your child to learn their times tables. Look out for new competitions and challenges! All children will have their log ins given to them before the end of the first week back, just in case any have been lost!



All children have a log in for spelling shed. Every week, their assigned spelling rule and list will be put onto the website so your child can practice their allocated spellings. We encourage children to access this site at least once or twice a week, they also have an opportunity to practice on Spelling Shed once a week in school too. 



If your or your child are struggling to access any of these websites please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher who will be able to support you.