Rights Respecting Council


We have recently changed the way in which our school council is organised. We now have Rights Respecting Ambassadors who meet every week to discuss how we can embed our rights within school life.


Each class has a Rights Respecting Ambassador that represents them at the meeting which is held every Tuesday. At this meeting, the representatives discuss key issues/make decisions regarding specific things that relate to our learning the Rights Respecting award.  The children have a gap task to complete and go back to their class to collect ideas or thoughts which is then feedback into the next meeting.


Our Learning Ambassadors are:



Rhea and Millie-Jo help to Chair the meeting whilst Eve acts as Secretary for the meeting and keep records of all of the decisions made by the group.


Year 3: Ella, Jessica

Year 4: Roxy, Lewis, Ben

Year 5: Olivia, Cordy, Emily

Year 6: Rhea, Eve, Millie-Jo, Lia, Madeleine, Olivia, Flo, Freya


We are currently working towards achieving the bronze award for UNICEF. We have chosen four rights which we believe are relevant and important to our school. We have designed mascots to represent each one of our chosen rights, we have created a display to show them what we are working on. Every class in school is aware of their rights and what we need to do to achieve the award.