Maths from September 2014 (New Curriculum)


Subject Leader: Mrs Corbiere


There have been a series of updates to maths over the last year to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of the new mathematical curriculum. As a result of this, a new calculation policy was trialled last year to make sure that the school were meeting the expected calculation methods that the government had introduced in the new curriculum. After trialling the calculation policy for an academic year, it has been decided to further refine the methods that we were using to become even more efficient mathematicians. Children will be encouraged to work through the stages of methods at their own pace and could be at different stages in different methods. The school will aim to get children to stage 6 in all of the methods before they begin their next stage of education, but we fully accept that some children will have preferred methods that they are comfortable with.

Below is a parent friendly overview of the methods your child will be taught in school. Again, this is a working document and will be refined and reviewed at the end of the academic year.

Here is a copy of the new national curriculum for maths so that you can see what your child will be expected to know by the end of each year group.

Maths Awards

The Maths Awards, that the children really enjoy, are in line with the new curriculum so will continue to be used throughout the next school year. The children have 5 minutes to complete the test and recall both times tables and division facts at speed to ensure they receive their award.

Here are some examples of the types of facts the children need to know for each of the different maths awards. These are not the questions that features on the Maths Awards but gives you an idea of the type and range of questions your children are attempting weekly so you can help them.

New Times Table APP (Maths Rockx)


Why do children enjoy this app?

Children learn best through music; rhythm and beat, melody and sound. The music creates memory triggers for the lyrics. When you combine these with the visual cues, recalling the Times Tables will become an automatic response. Repetition is key.

It has selected 11 fantastic songs, from some of the world's best artists; One Direction, P!NK, and Pharrell Williams - to name a few. The Times Tables fit perfectly and the songs sound brilliant!

This learning experience is different, addictive and so easy! Your kids want cool, they want groovy and they WANT to have fun! Sing alone, sing with friends or sing with your family. 

This app is free and will allow your child to rehearse specific times tables however the songs have a charge to download.

Watch the video below. Please be aware that there is a 79p charge per song so download but you can still have fun playing the quizzes for free.


Below is all of the information about Times Table Rockstars.


Leaderboard for Times Table Rock Stars

To get on to the leaderboard you need to play 10 games on the Studio section of the website. The garage section is simply to rehearse and collect money.

The school have recently subscribed to the above website to help children improve their rapid recall of times table facts. It is a highly addictive and competitive programme that allows children to develop certain tables each week. The children will all have a username and password that they will use to login to the system under our school name. The children compete with children around the world and in different schools in the UK to earn coins for their Avatar. Leader boards will be displayed for your child's year group and Anston Park will be ranked (depending on the speed at which questions are answered) in relation to other schools. If this proves popular, we will subscribe to the app so that children can access via their tablets. Click on the times table rockstars image to get to the website to begin playing.

BubbleMath website

Below is a link to a brand new maths website that the Local Authority have launched for children, staff and parents to access. It has exciting activities, challenges and useful documents for children, staff and parents. It also has useful support materials for parents to use to help their children in school. Please could you encourage your children to access it and have a play.

Click on the picture below to take you to the exciting new page.


Here are a few other websites and APPS that will help children learn their times tables in a fun and exciting way.

Some recommended free apps can be found at:


Some websites that include a variety of games that will help children rehearse their times tables.


How do we teach maths?

Over the last few months, the school has made changes in the way we teach maths.

One of the ways in which we have changed maths is that we have introduced an Arithmetic part to the maths lesson. This is aimed at improving the basic skills of pupils and improving their rapid recall of number facts by applying a range of mental strategies to help. The children learn a strategy throughout the week based on their gaps. The teacher models the strategy, the children complete a range of questions and then the teacher checks that they can apply/ recall it by asking quick fire questions. This was introduced from January 2016 and the children enjoy these sessions as they have replaced the SUMMS lessons.

The school are currently developing a mastery approach to the teaching of maths. This involves the children being exposed to teaching that develops a deep understanding of mathematical concepts through the use of practical apparatus and uses visual representations to support them. The children are encouraged to think deeply about concepts and make connections which is guided by the teachers. The learning is interlinked across the learning journey and they see the concepts in a variety of contexts (procedural variation) which enable children to 'master' their mathematical thinking. Where differentiation is needed, the children can select their level based on their confidence in the concept. They can select red, amber, green (hardest) and then complete. a further challenge.  Every lesson will have a Blue challenge question that provides a deepening activity for the children so it can provoke deeper thinking or encourage them to apply their learning. We are encouraging children to challenge themselves within lessons as we feel that it is important for children to get things wrong in order to learn from their mistakes. 

Over the last year, we have been working on providing children with more problem solving/reasoning activities in their learning as this encourages them to apply their learning across a range of contexts. It also encourages the children to reason with number which is a key driver in the maths curriculum. The children are also encouraged to explain how they have calculated the answers to some questions as this also encourages the children to further deepen their understanding.

Children are encouraged to correct their mathematical errors using a green pen. The green pen shows the teacher that the children have responded to their marking and corrected the errors they have made. Sometimes prompts will be given to aid the corrections, they may be pulled together into a group if children have similar misconceptions or the children may simply have made errors in their calculations so they can put it right independently. If children have no corrections to complete or they finish their corrections, they complete the marking slip that has a mastery activity to move their learning forward. The children complete their green pen edits before the next maths lesson eg at the start of the day or at the start of the maths lesson.