School Learning Ambassadors 


We have recently changed the way in which our school council is organised. We now have Learning Ambassadors who meet every week to discuss ways in which our school can be improved.


Each class has a Learning Ambassador that represents them at the meeting which is held every Monday. At this meeting, the representatives discuss key issues/make decisions regarding specific things that relate to learning and the school. The children have a gap task to complete and go back to their class to collect ideas or thoughts which is then feedback into the next meeting.


Our Learning Ambassadors are:

3A Oliver S

3F George P

3R Katie S

4E Annie M

4C Olivia B

4S Rhea C

5H/M Kemi F

5M/H Evie G

5S Morgan S

6G Luke H

6C George B

6K Daniel T


Sophie and Brandon help to Chair the meeting whilst Suzie and Daisy act as Secretary for the meeting and keep records of all of the decisions made by the group. like for achieving 50, 150 and 250 Dojo points and also they have put together a list of authors that they would like to appear in their reading corner. A list of prizes will be made to put around school and will be on display in the cabinet in reception after half term.


Here are the prizes you can buy when you have reached 50 Dojo points. These have been decided by all of the children in school. Pop into reception to see them in our display cabinet.

We have recently been talking about what helps us to learn well. The whole school have contributed to the poster we have made below about how we learn effectively. All teachers have a copy of this in their classroom as Mrs Bartholomew was so pleased pleased with what we had written.

Here is a presentation that we gave to the whole school in assembly. We were very nervous but all the teachers said we did a good job.


We have also written to many different companies to see if they would kindly donate to the prizes that we have in our shop so that we can restock it. We are still awaiting replies from the companies we have sent to.


Our new project is looking at individual subjects and discussing what we have enjoyed most about that and if we feel there needs to be any tweaks to any of them. Some of the subject leaders in school have also been to speak with us about their subjects and asked us very challenging questions that have made us think really hard.