School Learning Ambassadors 


We have recently changed the way in which our school council is organised. We now have Learning Ambassadors who meet every week to discuss ways in which our school can be improved.


Each class has a Learning Ambassador that represents them at the meeting which is held every Monday. At this meeting, the representatives discuss key issues/make decisions regarding specific things that relate to learning and the school. The children have a gap task to complete and go back to their class to collect ideas or thoughts which is then feedback into the next meeting.


Our Learning Ambassadors are:



Evie and Sophie help to Chair the meeting whilst Ed and Daisy act as Secretary for the meeting and keep records of all of the decisions made by the group.


We have recently been deciding on what to spend the money o that we have raised through our fundraising over the last few months. We have surveyed the whole school and Evie and Sophie will take the final ideas to Mrs Bartholomew after SATs so she can see all the different ideas.