Extra-curricular clubs


Wake up - Shake up Morning Club

“Wake up – Shake up” sports club currently takes place two mornings (Thursdays and Fridays) per week with a cost of £1.50 per child. . The club  starts at 8:00 a.m and finish at 8:50 a.m, when children go straight to their classrooms to commence the school day.

The morning sports clubs are run by Mr Smith and provide children with a range of fun and enjoyable sporting activities in a safe and familiar environment.

The sports on offer each morning will include; football, basketball, hockey, dodgeball, tennis, athletics, tag rugby, cricket and not to forget the ever popular capture the flag.

Following the half term holidays "wake up - shake up" will take place on the following mornings;

Thursday 6th June

Friday 7th June

Thursday 13th June

Friday 14th June

Thursday 20th June

Friday 21st June

Thursday 27th June

Friday 28th June

Thursday 4th July

Friday 5th July

Thursday 11th July

Thursday 12th July


Please see the list below to see if your child has been successful in gaining a place on the club

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After School Sports Clubs


We have arranged a fantastic opportunity for children from Anston Park Junior School to take part in a KS2 ‘Summer Sports’ club after-school on Thursdays 3:15 – 4:15 for a four week block.


The dates for this club are as follows;


Thursday 20th June

Thursday 27th June

Thursday 4th July

Thursday 11th July

Thursday 18th July


This club has been hugely successful at schools in the surrounding area and I am excited to open the opportunity to children from Anston Park. This club will aim to provide children with a new sporting opportunity and learn a new skill.


Summer Sports Club will aim to provide high quality, fun and exciting sports sessions based around various summer sports. Children will participate in the following sports across the club; Rounders, Tennis, Cricket, Tri-Golf and Athletics.

The club will be very much fun based offering children lots of choice and opportunities to participate in these fantastic games.

Please see the register below to see if your child has been successful in gaining a place on the club.

Summer Sports Club.doc