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Anston Park Junior School


Vision Statement

At Anston Park Junior School learning is at the heart of everything we do for both the pupils and staff. We are a fully inclusive school and believe our pupils deserve the right to an ambitious, challenging, inspiring and creative curriculum that encourages our children to be lifelong learners. The curriculum we deliver is broad and balanced. It allows children to cover their learning in depth and to build on their knowledge and skills, whatever their starting point, to enable them to be successful. We have high aspirations for all our pupils and believe every one of them can achieve.

To help us respond to the needs of our community, we have developed four key drivers which are closely linked to our school vision and aims. These drivers are the golden threads that permeate all aspects of our curriculum to enable our children to be well-rounded, successful individuals 

School Aims

We aim to work together to:

Develop strong foundations applied across the curriculum (Basic Skills)

  • Pupils develop their speaking and listening skills by speaking confidently using Standard English,
  • Pupils become fluent, confident readers and enjoy reading a wide variety of texts.
  • Pupils become confident writers, using the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Pupils engage and have access to high quality texts both in the core and wider curriculum,
  • Pupils develop their vocabulary in all aspects of the curriculum,
  • Pupils become competent mathematicians and can apply their knowledge to reason and problem solve.

 Help pupils understand their roles, rights and responsibilities within the school community and the wider world (Be responsilbe global citizens)

  • Pupils are tolerant and respectful of others regardless of their differences,
  • Pupils can self-regulate and make appropriate choices in all aspects of their lives.
  • To foster good, respectful relationships with other pupils and adults.
  • Pupils develop their spiritual and cultural awareness and show respect.
  • Pupils feel safe and secure and develop a good level of confidence and independence.
  • Pupils engage with a high quality PSHE curriculum.

Encourage our pupils to have a strong desire to achieve in every aspect of their school and wider life (To have high aspirations)

  • Pupils can confidently talk about their strengths and can reflect on what they want to improve
  • Pupils develop a resilient attitude to their learning and work hard to achieve their goals
  • Pupils will develop independence and select appropriate resources to support them in achieving success,
  • Pupils will take calculated risks to achieve their learning goals,
  • Pupils have a good understanding of the possibilities available to them and talk about what they would like to do when they leave school.

To help pupils develop confidence, motivation and self-belief to enable them to have a successful future (Wellbeing)

  • Pupils are mentally and physically healthy.
  • Pupils have good levels of self-esteem.
  • Pupils understand their emotions, can self-regulate and make appropriate choices.
  • Pupils are confident in themselves and have the motivation to achieve success.
  • Pupils have strategies to help them overcome difficulties.
  • Pupils understand how to have healthy, safe relationships with others.
  • Pupils show respect for others.