Aims and Values


School Aims

To work together to achieve high standards enabling every member of our school community to achieve their full potential

To work together to encourage high expectations of behaviour, self belief, understanding of others and pride in individual achievements

To work together to provide a broad, stimulating and motivating curriculum, which develops our thirst for learning, laying firm foundations for future success 

To work together to provide a warm, inclusive and safe environment, which fosters cultural understanding and develops academic, personal and social skills


Vision Statement


‘Where every child’s potential counts’


Welcome to Anston Park Junior School, a place where children are happy and encouraged to be aspirational and have a dream. Our very simple philosophy is built on the solid foundations of building positive relationships with children, and the very best teaching that we can produce to achieve effective learning.


We aim for all of our children to have the confidence required to be global citizens, and for them to be successful in the 21st century; we also aim for them to have a firm grasp of the basic skills in Mathematics, English and ICT by the time they move onto the next phase of their education. We do not claim to or try to be ‘all things to all people’; consequently the staff are extremely driven and focused on high standards of pupil achievement. However, our approach to ensure that we achieve this is through planning for meaningful cross-curricular learning opportunities in all National Curriculum subjects, where creativity and individuality are encouraged. We enrich the curriculum through our vast range of extra-curricular activities on offer.


Our school values encompass the 6 ‘R’s, and we strive for our children to become reflective, respectful, resourceful, resilient, be good at building and forming relationships, as well as possess the ability to take calculated risks in life. Weekly whole school assemblies by the Head teacher always have a focus on one or more of these values.


Our motto ‘where every child’s potential counts’ ensures that our children develop spiritually, morally, socially, as team players and as young leaders.