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Anston Park Junior School

Religious Education


Subject leader - Mrs Cawkwell


Purpose of Study

Anston Park Junior School's ethos is founded on teaching values and in particular recognises the uniqueness and worth of each individual member of the school, both children and adults alike.

With this in mind the aim of the school is to encourage children to reflect this by learning to understand and respect the various beliefs, traditions and practices of others, both within the school and wider community. Our purpose is to ensure that pupils leave us with a maturing understanding of the experiences and values of others and a growing sense of identity based on personal values and self-worth with the community.



The national curriculum for music aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Teaching promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural mental and physical development of pupils. 
  • Prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.

Key Stage Two 

In KS2 pupils should be taught:

  • To discover religion: investigating religions and world views through varied experiences and disciplines, gathering a rich knowledge of many religions and worldviews.
  • To develop their own views reflecting on and expressing ideas and the ideas of others with increasing knowledge, creativity and clarity.
  • To be reasonable about religions becoming increasingly able to be reasonable in their responses to religions and world vies, using their skills of rationality and argument.


RE curriculum Vision

Long term curriculum map 

Below is a copy and a link to our RE long term curriculum map. This will let you know what units are being covered over the year.