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Anston Park Junior School

School Curriculum


This section of the school website outlines what the school uses to assess the core subjects, useful information about the core subjects and wider curriculum.

Recovery Curriculum

We have looked carefully at our curriculum, which has needed to be adapted due to the school time missed with the Covid Pandemic. We are not able to teach all the lessons missed during the lockdowns. We have looked to create an interim curriculum that is smartly planned and sensitive to children's needs. Our focus is upon providing high quality teaching and learning.


Do not worry that your child has missed out. The entire country is facing similar problems. For most subjects, children aren't only taught something once – concepts reappear across Key Stages and are built on over time, e.g. if year 1 missed gathering and recording data in science, they will do this again in year 2; if year 2 missed this they will have done it in year 1. 

We have planned taking into account key concepts that run through our curriculum children need to understand enough of these concepts in order to access the next stage of their learning. Not knowing all the small details won't hold them back.