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Anston Park Junior School

Phase 3


In phase 3 children are taught the final two sets of letters:

You can practise these letters using these flash cards:


When children are confident with these last sets, they are taught about graphemes - when more than one letter represents one sound. The graphemes for this phase are:


You can download sets of words using these graphemes to practise reading with your child below.

 oo as in book.pdfDownload
 oo as in boot.pdfDownload
 ow as in cow.pdfDownload
 th as in thin.pdfDownload
 the as in then.pdfDownload
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You can then practise reading words using these graphemes:


Below are the high frequency words for this phase:


Below, you can download two reading activities that use the sounds children have learnt so far to help consolidate their learning.

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