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eSafeguarding - Parent's Zone


The online world is rapidly developing and many of our children now have access to devices which enable them to connect to the internet, take images or video and communicate with others. While it is important not to obstruct them from developing skills as they use these devices, it is essential that parents support their children in navigating the online world. Although the children often find it easier and have more knowledge about how new technology works it is vital to remember that as adults we are the ones who have the wisdom to use it safely and purposefully.


Some of the issues related to primary pupils using the internet are:

  • Accessing inappropriate content on the internet.
  • Using 'mature' social networking sites, such as Facebook, and connecting with individuals they don't know.
  • Being cyberbullied by others on the internet or by mobile devices.
  • Using technology appropriately, e.g. webcams and cameras on mobile devices.
  • Sharing personal information with others they don't know on the internet.
  • Playing video games with adult ratings, e.g. Call of Duty.

If you feel that your child is being groomed or abused online, then use the Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Centre's reporting form to report this by clicking on the link at the top left of this page.

Check out the websites below for more advice or download help guides here.

Go to the for some excellent leaflets on specific apps/games 

eSafeguarding Support

If you still have any questions about eSafeguarding, would like support with any aspect or would like to report an issue then please fill in the form below. Your question, name and/or email address will not be published on the site but unless you leave your email address we cannot reply to your question. Thanks