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Anston Park Junior School

Park Avenue

North Anston


S25 2QZ

Head Teacher: Mrs Amanda Bartholomew 


All enquiries should be directed to Mrs Dodson or Miss Wardle who work in the School Office. They will then direct the phone call to the relevant staff member. If you have a complaint you should first speak with the class teacher or the Assistant Head, Mr French. Then, if you feel it needs further attention please speak with the Deputy Head Mrs Corbiere and finally Mrs Bartholomew. 


All official enquiries should be directed to the Headteacher, Mrs Bartholomew.

Telephone number: 01909 550779

Email address: 


When visiting our school you will need to buzz to enter via the car park entrance. You will then need to buzz to enter the small gate leading to the main entrance. Parking for disabled visitors is clearly marked.

Amanda Bartholomew