Extra-curricular clubs


Wake up - Shake up Club

As a school we are constantly looking for ways to increase sporting opportunities available to children. As part of our on going efforts we are continuing to run a morning “wake up – shake up” sports club that will take place two mornings (Thursdays and Fridays) per week with a cost of £1.50 per child. The “Wake up-Shake up” club will commence on Thursday 19th September. The club will start at 8:00 a.m and finish at 8:50 a.m. Children will then be escorted to their classrooms to commence the school day.


The morning sports clubs will be run by Mr Smith and will provide children with a range of fun and enjoyable sporting activities in a safe and familiar environment.

The sports on offer each morning will include; football, basketball, hockey, dodgeball, tennis, athletics, tag rugby, cricket to name only a few.


Not only will these “wake up – shake up” morning sports clubs provide a great opportunity for children to participate in physical activity and socialise with fellow children, it will also provide a fantastic platform for children to start the school day. Evidence shows that introducing elements of physical activity to children before school begins can engage their minds and prepare them appropriately for the day ahead.

Please see the document below for allocated places.

Wake up - Shake up Full list Autumn 1.docx

Multi-Sport Club

Thursday evening (year 3/4) 3:15 - 4:15

Friday evening (year 5/6) 3:15 - 4:15



Multi-Sport club will focus on a high energy, excitement packed combination of games, potted sports and activities to engage all children regardless of ability. Children will experience a wide range of sports in a safe, fun and familiar environment.

The sports played will include cricket, dodgeball, king-ball, capture the flag, tag rugby, basketball and many, many more including the children’s favourite YOSHI!!

Please check the registers below for allocated places;

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Upper KS2 Multi-Sport.docx